Who we are

Justice at the Gate is a ministry of education and reconciliation with a heart for racial healing – for healing America’s wounds. Author Taylor Branch wrote in Parting the Waters, “Almost as color defines vision itself, race shapes the cultural eye – what we do and do not notice, the reach of empathy and the alignment of response.”

How people explain racial inequality shapes how they vote, what policies they support, and the solutions they advocate. In the Black community collective wounds of race run deep. The greatest felt need in the Black community is racism.


Empowering believers in God’s presence through repentance, reconciliation and engagement in the governmental process to impact the US and Israel through

  • Building strategic partnerships to connect with key ethnic leaders
  • Preparing a place of healing in God’s presence by continuing the reconciliation work of Black and White abolitionists
  • Empowering people of faith to impact our nation by connecting their faith values to electoral choices, evidenced by the power of the ballot
  • Inviting people of faith to take a seat at the decision-making delegate process in both political parties by educating on the process where party officials are elected and the policies of the party are set forth and voted on comprising the party platforms.
  • Introducing people of faith to dedicated Israelis standing for God’s promise to bring the exiles home to Israel, their Promised Land.
  • Educating Americans about the Jewish Agency for Israel, the largest and oldest Jewish organization in the world, which is connected to every Jewish person in every nation and is charged with helping Jews make Aliyah (immigrate) to Israel through rescues from dangerous nations to Aliyah of choice. We can have a part in fulfilling Biblical prophecy to God’s Chosen People, the Children of Israel.

Alice Patterson

President | Justice at the Gate

Alice Patterson, founder of Justice at the Gate, has been engaged in government via grassroots mobilization since 1984 when she saw government transformation on the local level in Odessa, Texas (Ector County), the State of Texas (which was totally liberal on the statewide level and in most of the 254 counties) and the federal level beginning through various campaigns and through the National Black Robe Regiment 2014-2016. She became engaged in racial healing in 1994 while strategizing about how to mobilize Hispanics on …

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Aligning with God’s heart for the Land of Israel and for His Chosen People


Building strategic partnerships to mobilize people of faith to stand with Israel, engage in racial reconciliation and participate in the governmental process.